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Total Entries:6112 Total Entries:2465
RNA-RNA Interaction Entries: 4493 The Number of RNA Symbols: 2070
lncRNA-associated RNA-RNA interactions: 229 The number of lncRNA symbol: 165
mRNA-associated RNA-RNA interactions: 3834 The number of miRNA symbol: 383
miRNA-associated RNA-RNA interactions: 3721 The number of mRNA symbol: 1386
rRNA-associated RNA-RNA interactions: 592 The number of rRNA symbol: 13
snoRNA-associated RNA-RNA interactions: 596 The number of snoRNA symbol: 104
RNA-Protein Interaction Entries: 1619 The Number of Protein Symbols: 395
lncRNA-associated RNA-Protein interactions: 411
mRNA-associated RNA-Protein interactions: 921
miRNA-associated RNA-Protein interactions: 227
rRNA-associated RNA-Protein interactions: 1
snoRNA-associated RNA-Protein interactions: 30