We provide data for non-commercial use, distribution, or reproduction in any medium, only if you properly cite the original work. If you are a commercial user, please contact us firstly.

  •   All ncRNA-disease information:         Download
  •   miRNA-disease information:              Download
  •   lncRNA-disease information:             Download

The data file we provided contains information of each entry arranged as following:

- MNDR ID: unique identifier for each entry in MNDR database

- ncRNA name: ncRNA name in reference

- ncRNA symbol: official gene symbol or miRBase ID

- ncRNA ID: Entrez ID (miRBase Accession for miRNA) of ncRNA

- ncRNA Category: category of ncRNA

- Disease name: disease name in reference

- Disease ID: disease id in disease ontology or MeSH

- Species: organism

- Tissues/cell lines: ncRNA related tissues or cell lines

- Related Genes/RNA: ncRNA interact-related genes/RNAs in reference

- Expression pattern:ncRNA expression pattern in reference

- Methods: all detection methods supporting the current entry

- Databases: integrative source for entry in MNDR database

- References: the PubMed ID of all references

- Score: the confidence score of the current entry


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