Increasing evidence reveals that diverse non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) play critically important roles in viral infection. Viruses can use diverse ncRNAs to manipulate both cellular and viral gene expression to establish a host environment conducive to the com- pletion of the viral life cycle. Hence, we have updated the ViRBase v2.0 database ( by integrating experimental and prediction associations from manual literature curation and other resources under one common framework. The new developments in ViRBase v2.0 include (i) an over 35-fold increase in ncRNA-associated virus–virus, virus–host, host–virus and host–host interactions enhancement compared with the previous version; (ii) integrating experimental and prediction evidence from 6 resources and prediction algorithms for each interaction; (iii) providing a confidence score for each interaction; and (iv) an increase of species coverage to 117.

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ViRBase v2.0: an updated resource of virus-host ncRNA-associated interactions across organisms. Link to pubmed

ViRBase: a resource for virus-host ncRNA-associated interactions. Nucleic Acids Research. 2015, Jan. 43 (D1): 578-582. Link to pubmed

What's new?

  A confidence score is added.   Coverage of species is increased.   Other databases are integrated.   The old version ViRBase 1.0.

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